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1979 – Creation ofMarques Lda.

MARQUES S.A is a company with extensive experience in the civil construction and public works sector in the Azores Autonomous Region since 1979 and also in continental Portugal and Germany.

“Marques Limitada” was established by the engineer Primitivo Marques and Mrs. Maria Manuela da Costa Gomes Marques on 9th July 1979.

The company began operating immediately in the Azores in the sector it was created for: “civil and industrial construction, public works, planning and budgeting”. Initially, it focused on the housing segment. Later, it gained the trust of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos, a bank, and undertook work to remodel and build various branches in the Azores.

Under the motto “The Desire to Win” and with a brand based on the concept of “home as a safe haven”, combining the aims of “urban development and the city”, MARQUES S.A. has managed to achieve its ambition: to build houses and urbanise cities for the last 38 years.

1st public works project by MARQUES / Lomba de São Pedro School / Ribeira Grande / 1979

The construction of the Lomba de São Pedro Primary School was the company’s first public works project. Its first major project, however, was the contract for Ponta Delgada Hospital, built in collaboration with the company Engil.

In 1993, the company entered a new stage in its history when it obtained its first overseas contract. For 2 years, it constructed buildings in the Freisinger area in the German Federal Republic. This was an important milestone as it allowed the chance to absorb knowhow in the areas of planning and specialised employee training in new materials and working methods.

In 2002, Marques Lda. became a public limited company.

Urbe Oceanus, a housing project

Throughout its history, the Marques family has created numerous companies to respond to local needs that have in turn given it major industrial, production and response capacity.

MARQUES S.A is part of a group of 8 companies belonging to GRUPO MARQUES.

The last 10 years have been very challenging. MARQUES S.A. has restructured and extended its area of operations in continental Portugal, where it has undertaken major projects, such as remodelling schools, housing and hydraulic infrastructure. In the same period, many marine and coastal protection projects were awarded as a result of investment in specialised equipment and skilled labour.

Our company has come of age with regard to its modus operandi, while continuing always “to look to the future” in a constantly evolving and adapting outlook.