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The Company

MARQUES S.A is the construction arm of GRUPO MARQUES. Since its founding 40 years ago, it has accumulated experience and become a benchmark for commitment, trust, speed and quality, both in the Azores Autonomous Region and continental Portugal. In the construction sector, our company supports and assists its clients during the planning phase, helping through its vast experience to identify technical and financial solutions that meet the parameters defined by the client in the aim of ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.

Our portfolio numbers over 2,000 building projects divided into the following categories:

– Public and private buildings: in the hotel, industrial, education, health, housing and service sectors.

– Marine:ports and coastal protection.

– Infrastructure: roads, airports, hydraulic installations, urban, environmental and sporting facilities.

We have increased the scope and classification of our LicenceNo. 1747 which provides clearance to execute any type of building work.

In terms of certifications, a workplace and environmental quality, safety and health management system has been implemented – based on the normative benchmarks NP EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and NP EN ISO 14001:2015 – that represents the recognition of our capability to build with quality, safety and respect for the environment, allowing us to undertake large-scale reference construction projects. Under Decree Law No. 3/2012 of 16th January, our NATO industrial security clearance (NATO SECRET classification) and national industrial security clearance (Secret Classification) were renewed by the National Safety Authority (ANS).

Associating its services with the other companies in the group, MARQUES S.A, in conjunction with MARQUES BRITAS, has unparalleled industrial and production capacity in the region. It is well equipped with technologically advanced equipment and skilled human resources, and provides high quality raw materials. MB is a leader in its industrial sector in the region with large-scale installed capacity in the distribution of concrete, aggregate production, asphalt cement production, sawn cedar wood, sawn basalt, metalworking, manufacture of aluminium doors and windows, and joinery.

In terms of waste management, MARQUES S.A uses MARQUES AMBIENTE, a waste management operator with Licence No.16/DRA/2009, to dispose of waste generated during its operations.

“Today’s dreams are tomorrow’s projects”